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Why Would You Bring a Child Into This World?


A Matter of Life and Death

When you ask someone why they want to have children, you’re never going to get a response that doesn’t entirely revolve around themselves. The answer will always start with “I.” “I want to bring a child into this world because I don’t want to die alone.” Yeah, let’s talk about death.

First, let’s start with the fact that you have children knowing that they’re going to die. You don’t know how, and you don’t know when, but you’re certain that at some point, this person you’ve created is going to die. And, staying along those lines, you’ve basically killed them, because had you never brought them into existence, said existence wouldn’t have to come to a (bloody? painful? horrible? sad?) end. You’ve sentenced this being you claim to love to death because of your own selfishness.

Throwing an Innocent Non-Being Into the Physical World

But now, let’s forget about the end of the existence and focus on everything that comes between birth and death. Humans get so excited about young children because they get to dress them up and play with them like they’re sentient toys. This is the part of having a child that gets hyped up throughout the media. Is this why you’ve chosen to bring a child into this world? So that you have someone to keep you entertained? If not, why bring a child into this world full of pain and darkness?

Seriously. Why?

Then, there’s the, “I want to give my child a better life than I had,” crowd, which are in the same category as the, “I want someone to direct that has to listen to me because I couldn’t do anything with my own life so I’m going to try and mold a new human into my ideal being instead,” people. Wanting a do-over doesn’t seem like a very good reason to force someone into 80-100 years of being trapped in a decaying body on a planet run by the ignorati.

Everyone’s seemed to convince themselves that the only purpose of life is to create new life, without actually doing anything worthwhile with their own. Thus, the cycle of pointless existence continues. The planet is dying, humans treat other life on earth like garbage and pretend that their families are the only reason anything even exists.

How the World Views Death

The majority of the world is backward. Birth and life are celebrated while death is feared and seen as something awful. It makes no sense. The only sense it makes in the slightest is because of the world’s major (ancient) religions that still have humans blinded to reality. But I have faith that someday soon, more people will come to a certain realization that takes the power away from the darkness and reveals the light.

Until then, for God’s sake people, even in the middle of a pandemic you choose to risk the life of another being by acting selfishly and irresponsibly.

So, why do you continue to cause the needless and lengthy suffering of innocent beings?