Marriage and Amatonormativity are Evil AF


Societal Pressures and Norms

If you think about it, the idea of romantic love and marriage rules most of the world. The nightmarish concept has kept people in unhappy couplings for centuries. And for what? Because amatonormativity, or the thought that everyone should be in a romantic relationship, is deeply ingrained in most cultures.

Religion as a Crutch

Christians attribute marriage to the bible, only it was, in fact, a pagan institution before it was warped into what it is today. And, no matter which religion you look to, it was certainly never “Godly.” Without even touching the topic of soulmates on this post (don’t worry, we’ll get there,) we will talk about how in this society, young people are taught to attempt to find the perfect mate as if doing so is the ultimate goal in life. The step that comes right before you force new souls into existence and keep the cycle of needless suffering and confusion going.


Loving someone is one thing if it’s a love that’s felt mutually and based on each individual’s true self. But for too long, the world has been held under this blanket of darkness that makes it seem as though love is something that’s reserved for two people alone, and those whom they create and are descended from, and so on. Religions have placed manmade boundaries on love that are nothing more than invisible gates men have put up to make themselves feel safe and comfortable.

But love is much bigger than any two people or any region or religion, and it is not something that can only come through a ridiculously expensive ceremony designed for the ego to be stroked as if each party is walking away with a prize rather than a stake through their feet and a lifetime that will never truly be their own.

The Ego

The human ego has been power-hungry since the dawn of time. Driven by greed and self-satisfaction, they’ll go to any lengths to try and quench their animalistic thirsts, no matter who gets hurt or what happens in the process. And through religion, they have convinced themselves that it is their God-given right.

Marriage is pure evil. It’s an ancient and outdated Satanic concept that needs to be eradicated from the face of the earth. Two people don’t need some ancient humans telling them how to live their life or that it’s okay for them to love one another. And anyone who REALLY loves each other doesn’t need the institution to prove it.


Satan (existence and ignorance) has the world convinced both God and love are these tiny things. They say one thing about God and the way they act says something completely different. Love doesn’t care about your stupid ancient books or rules. And, if you need those things to make you feel like your relationship is worth something, it isn’t. Staying with someone who makes you unhappy simply because you’ve signed some papers with them is absolutely ridiculous.

You do not need to find someone of the opposite sex to spend the rest of your life with – or anyone for that matter. No matter how many people are convinced that’s the meaning of life. Look around – how many of those people who are preaching love and marriage are actually happy? And how many are just brainwashed and parroting the same information that’s been drilled into their heads for centuries by other lost souls?

Eradicate the Institution

If you love someone, you know it. Love flows freely, it is not constrained or restricted to two individuals, and it does not only exist in a romantic sense. Just because billions of people believe in doing something one way does not make it right, and it certainly doesn’t make it the ONLY way.