What it Means to Sell Your Soul: A Modern Gnostic Perspective


To the Evangelical Christian, it may seem as though “selling your soul” is something that’s done by celebrities and politicians in a secret room with a shadowy figure that shows up and asks you to sign on the dotted line in exchange for control over the seller for all of eternity. However, Gnostics typically like to dig a little deeper, and this Gnostic thinks that what it means to sell your soul is actually much more mundane and rational than some may have been led to believe.

The Soul

Although no one’s ever been able to prove the existence of the soul, let’s just say for the sake of this argument that it’s a term attributed to each individual ego. Once a sentient being is aware of its existence and aware of itself in such a way that it knows what makes it happy and what makes it sad, it’s developed its own “soul.”


If eternity ends when the last humans die out, there’s really nothing supernatural about the concept of it, if you think about it in that way. Anyone that’s ever really struggled, which is mostly everyone at this point, should be well aware that each moment on earth can feel like an eternity. Also, anyone that thinks rationally is aware that the moment they die, they no longer have their brain sending the body signals that tells them how to feel or think. Thus, it is irrational to assume that the “soul” of an individual goes on living without the rest of oneself. Perhaps eternity for the ego continues by the hands of humans who repeatedly breed more of themselves into existence.

Selling Your Soul in Hollywood

A celebrity’s life may seem desirable to those looking in from the outside considering A-listers can afford pretty much any extravagance they can dream of. They’ve got beach homes, and summer homes, and private jets, assistants, and the best food that money can buy. But if you haven’t noticed, their lives are rarely truly their own.

Perhaps there are some celebrities who are happy. But would it be worth it to ride around on a private jet if you had to be on it moving around to perform so much you never actually got to sit back and enjoy your money, or just relax? Sure, they go on vacations, but between their managers, fans, and paparazzi being stuck to them 24/7, it doesn’t seem like the recipe for happiness. Thus, any celebrity who doesn’t enjoy what they do has essentially sold their soul.

Selling Your Soul on the 9-5 Grind

You don’t need to be raking in millions to sell your soul. In fact, people walk around mindlessly every week, going through the motions for eight to ten hours per day, paying their taxes, and talking about how much they hate Mondays on social media. If you don’t enjoy the job you’re doing, you’ve sold your soul or, at the very least, you’ve got it out on loan for 40 hours per week. All of that time that you spend doing things you really, really don’t want to be doing is time that your life really isn’t yours.

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