Welcome to Opposite Land, Where Everything You’ve Been Led to Believe is Good is Actually Horrible. Here’s Why Everything You Know is a Lie.


Life is a Gift? Where’s the Returns Department?

Let’s start with the elephant in the room, shall we? Life itself. In most cultures, people are coached to believe that life is something beautiful, and creating a new life is something noble, but is it really? What about forcing someone to endure decades upon decades of suffering to a certain death seems like a good thing to do? Life is not a gift, that’s just something that everyone continues to drill into each other’s heads to make being in this place more bearable, and to give themselves permission to force existence upon innocent non-beings. But why would you bring a child into this world?

Having Children is Very, Very Wrong

Unfortunately, antinatalism isn’t an incredibly popular viewpoint throughout the world, which is pretty insane to me, considering what I see when I look around. Literally everyone is dying, on a dying planet, animals (both human and non-human alike) tear each other to bits and pieces. Humans are horrible to other life, and basically consume and destroy anything they need so that they can meaninglessly progress through their own.

Society makes pregnant women, children, and the family seem like the best thing in the world, when in reality, none of those things should even exist, and all of them lead to suffering and death. Even those who are born into wealthy families will face some type of suffering. There is no such thing as a perfect, free existence. Everything you’ve been led to believe about that is nonsense. Everything you know is a lie. Every being that is born will age, and it will die. Every being that is born will get ill, some more so than others, and some will have horrible, horrible existences that are nothing but suffering. So why continue the cycle of bullshit? And why keep hyping each other up and patting one another on the back about all of the insanity?

everything you know is a lie. covering each other's eyes

Screw Your Birthday, Wedding, and Baby Shower

Humans continue to place themselves above all other life on earth. Hence why so many make such huge deals out of celebrating the day they were born into this place, as if they’re incredibly important to the universe. Or when someone gets pregnant and thinks that their baby is just the sun, moon, and stars – but to hell with every other species on the planet, just so long as their crotch goblin grows up to have its own crotch goblins, right?

And what about your wedding? What’s so wrong with spending thousands and thousands of dollars in an expensive Satanic ritual that celebrates signing your individuality away, because that’s what society wants. The love and light crowd will lie to themselves and everyone around them, saying “no, marriage is about love.” I laugh. Humans can’t even define love. They only care about sex and filling their egotistical needs. They care about what others can do for them.

Let’s circle back around to having children. I still haven’t heard a single selfless, rational reason to want to bring a new person into this world. Why? Probably because there aren’t any. And yet, babies, birthdays, and weddings…they’re glorified AF around this insane ball of bullshit.

Theist, Abrahamic Creator God (AKA, The Devil)

everything you know is a lie, your god is the devil

Yeah, you didn’t think we’d get through an entire post on this site without mentioning the reason why we’re here, right? Nay. Let’s not forget that the God of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are one and the same = a non-existent, ancient bag of BS that holds way too much control over modern society by consuming the minds and lives of billions of humans.

How anyone can read these ancient “holy” books and believe that they’re actually true in a literal sense or that, even if they were, their God is a good deity, is beyond me. The deity that those fairytale books describe is a giant, egotistical, evil douche who has serious control issues. Unfortunately, even though it doesn’t exist, the fact that billions of people believe it does has given it way too much power in the world. Just think of how far we could be as a society if Abrahamic religions were wiped off of the face of the earth.

Why is it evil? Let’s see; no matter what followers tell you, the books clearly dictate the deity’s approval, instruction, and even action in all sorts of evil, including rape, genital mutilation, slavery, and murder, among others. And yet, so many people still fall to their knees to worship this evil, non-existent being in an insane cycle of madness. What’s worse is they bring these children into the world and force them or coerce them into it, too, which only perpetuates the madness. When it comes to religion; everything you know is a lie. That is, of course, if you believe in one of those religions as literal, absolute truth.

The God First, Family Second Culture

While the masses may believe that God, religion, family, and children, are the “good” things that make the world go ’round – they’re actually everything that continues to create more and more suffering. The family may be a source of comfort to some and a silver lining in this mad world, but for a lot of others, it’s nothing but a source of pain. Too many people use family as an excuse to control and manipulate. Continuing to bring more innocent, non-beings into this place and add them to the roster of universal slaves only perpetuates the suffering of billions upon billions of people.

Abortion and Death

Another thing that seems completely backward about humanity is the general outlook on death. So many seem to think that it’s the worst thing that can possibly happen to one, ignoring the fact that it is in life where suffering lies. Pro-lifers seem to believe that one is better off living out decades and decades of life on earth, often as an unwanted child, meaning homelessness, abuse, and more, is worse than not existing at all. Does that make any sense? You can’t argue with the fact that never being born brings less suffering than life in this place.

Opposite Land

So, while it may not be true that everything you know is a lie, I’m just throwing out my two cents on the matters of life, death, and religion. It seems as though this society celebrates suffering, and the worst of things, while condemning peace. Why the funky outlook on exiting this plane of existence? Or never existing at all?