Hello there, and welcome to the community! You’re likely only here because of one of two reasons. Either you’re a Gnostic and/or Antinatalist who’s interested in connecting a bit more with us and with each other, or you’ve been incredibly offended by the things you’ve seen on this website and you actually spent the money just so you could tell us to go fuck ourselves.

In either case, thank you for being here! But, just so you know, if your motives are to cause problems for site admins or other members on our forums or anywhere else on the site, your membership status will be revoked and you’ll be banned from the inner realms.

If you’re genuinely interested in diving deeper and getting to know us and our philosophies a bit more, we’re very happy to have you, and we look forward to furthering communications with you. The members-only section, along with this entire site, is fairly new. It only went up in the midst of the Coronapocalypse, so we’re still working on integrating all types of new content and features.

For now, you have complete access to our forums, where we invite you to introduce yourself and ask any questions you may have about Your God is the Devil, along with audio versions of our posts. We also may host webinars and/or online meetings via Zoom or Google once there’s enough interest in the community!

Again, thank you so much for being here! We’d say we’re happy you exist, but we’re not happy any of us exist and we don’t want to lie to you.