The Catholic Church is Pure Evil Masquerading as Something Good


The Catholic Church is Evil

Now, before we jump into why the Catholic Church is evil, let me start by clarifying that when I say evil, I simply mean guided by a pure lack of consciousness. Something that is evil, or demonic, is so because it’s driven by the ego and fueled by ignorance, fear, greed, etc. – like in the case of the world’s major religions and ancient traditions. “Satanic,” of course, is a name given to the non-entity that comprises all of the individuals who lack rational thinking skills and/or empathy.

In the case of the Catholic Church, it’s all of those things and then some. What’s worse is that it masquerades itself as some type of “holy” beacon of light, drawing in lost souls who are searching for meaning in their lives and someone to help them find it. There are 1.3 billion people in the world who claim to be Catholics, and every time a new child is forced into existence, and then this religion, that number continues to grow.

And, while on the surface, this organization may seem like it’s leading followers towards some type of salvation or understanding, it’s only leading them further away from the truth, themselves, and the light. Those who subscribe to this ancient religion seek God in texts and traditions made in an entirely different world, one that was full of unknowing and completely unaware of itself.

Manipulative Abusers

Once you consider the types of people who enter into the Catholic priesthood to gain control over and access to children, the level of demonic energy within this organization skyrockets. As of 2019, over 6,000 priests had been (credibly) accused of abuse, all by children ages 16 years or younger.

Since religion preaches forgiveness, many times the abusers walk free and even continue to volunteer within the organization. Just take these 1,700 priests who have been accused of sexually abusing children, and yet somehow are still granted access to them, thanks to the cover of the Roman Catholic Church.

Fearful and Power-Hungry is a Dangerous Combination

Aside from the ridiculously high number of child sex abuse cases to have been reported from within the Catholic Church, there is then the obvious fact that the entire religion was created for, and has been successful in, controlling a large portion of the population through fear tactics.

The religion also maintains an ancient misogynistic “rule” from within the ranks that won’t allow a woman to enter the priesthood. Even if it were true that a single human who’s published a book throughout history is perfect and without flaw, their scriptures tell them that men and women were created as equals, yet they still conform to ancient laws built when the world was an entirely different place.

“But it’s our Tradition.”

The word tradition shouldn’t be recognized as some form of law when it comes to the way people live or have their lives governed – but that’s one of the major issues when it comes to religion as a whole. People are forced or coerced into these religions, many times as children, by family members and end up simply continuing the cycle when they have children of their own because it’s been drilled into their heads for their entire lives that it’s the “right thing to do.” Or it’s just, “what you do.” And of course, “the family tradition.” Cringe.

But Catholicism, like all of the other branches of Christianity, is anything but holy. It keeps its followers shrouded in darkness, singing with empty minds and hands held, clutching beads, and hanging their heads, expecting some invisible entity to solve their problems for them. God doesn’t need your worship, and no true God would want anyone to put their children in danger by throwing them into the arms of a dangerous pool of manipulative abusers who seek to control them and worse.

No, not every member of the church is out to harm, but it does attract many of those who are and are drawn to the power and control – and access to people who are looking for something bigger than themselves. How do so many people keep walking onto this path that’s covered in blood and tears and…other questionable bodily fluids from these power-hungry hairless apes and yet think that it’s somehow going to lead them to a better life? How has it been working out for those who’ve followed it since its inception?

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