Hollywood Pedophiles and Other Predatory Douchebags in Power


Hollywood Pedophiles and Predators in Power

I can’t quite understand how, even in the midst of the pandemic where celebrities had their stage ripped away from them, celebrity culture is still clinging to existence, raging on through the hordes of ignorant masses.

Hollywood has been a pit of filth since the birth of the “movie star,” in the 1920s. While film in itself is an amazing invention, in Hollywood, it’s been used to perpetuate the same old mindless garbage over and over again. Independent films seek to tell stories and change the world, but in Tinsel Town, it’s comic book heroes and cheesy romantic bullshit on repeat, not to mention all of the Hollywood pedophiles and other kinds of predatory assholes, of course.

You, The People

But it’s not so much the town that the people in it who are the real problem. And sure, I’m not saying that every film star or director is a piece of shit, but a whole lot of them definitely are, which is becoming more and more apparent every day as certain individuals are exposed for the roles they’ve played in the pit of nonsense and disgust.

Still, celebrity culture seems to hold entirely too much power over the masses. Just look how easily “stans” will literally die for a celebrity just based on their public image – which is made up and controlled by their team of managers and other people who get paid very handsomely specifically to keep that image going.

hollywood pedos exposed

Never Meet Your Idol. Better Yet, Don’t Have an Idol at all.

But the whole “never meet your idol” thing is spot on. You know why they say it? Because your idol is only that person in your mind, they don’t actually exist at all. The person who’s on that stage on or in that film set is just a person, one with a fat bank account and a manager who directs their every public move to ensure that persona stays the way they intended it.

Conspiracy Theories V. Reality

Of course, the conspiracy theories try and turn it into some ridiculous, baby-eating, blood-drinking underground ritual when in fact, all of the Hollywood abuse seems to happen right in front of the world’s nose. It’s just they have so many shiny objects to throw around in other directions that no one seems to care much about it.

I’m also not saying that there aren’t some super rich, super weird people who probably do do insane shit like that, but do I think the entirety of the town and movie industry in general are based on it? No. But I absolutely do think that movies, music, games, and other forms of entertainment hold power over people’s minds. The intention doesn’t even need to be there for something to trigger someone into feeling or thinking a certain way, it just happens.

Rinse and Repeat

And, they’ve obviously found that they make tons of money off of these stupid ass romantic and family flicks, along with their comic book hero BS that…well, why would they change it and risk losing out? Thus, the cycle of remakes and same-old, same-old continues. Both on and off screen.

Follow the Money

Another problem is that all of these shady ass Hollywood pedophiles are so rich that they think they can get away with anything. And, the fact they bankroll politicians to help them get away with their scummy shit sort of lends to the theory that they can – but the time of shadowy, secret, bullshit being passed as “normal” is done with. It’s nice to see things like the MeToo movement, where at least some of these assholes are getting exposed for the terrible humans that they are.

But Harvey Weinstein was just the tip of a very deep, very sturdy iceberg that has reach into everywhere it counts – which means it’s not something that can be easily destroyed. However, time heals all wounds, and melts all mother fucking icebergs so at some point, all of that trash is going to rise up to the surface and show itself for what it really is – garbage. There are a countless number of predators in power. Assholes are drawn to it in the same way flies are drawn to garbage.

It all Ties Together

As far as pedophilia in politics and other points of power, well, everything ties together. Hollywood, politics, religion (ahem, what in the actual fuck is anyone still doing following the Catholic church?), it’s all part of the same cycle of ignorance and fear-fueled bullshit, and the power all of these things hold over the masses just allows certain monsters to continue to get away with their devious actions. Again, it’s nothing new. This is not something that just started because of politician A or politician B in this year or that year. It’s something that runs rampant throughout the entirety of this broken system we call “society.”

Truth and Ends Meet

I’m not entirely sure what the ultimate solution to the problem is, but I do know that the way everyone is exposing these individuals is a great start. This is why it’s so important for everyone to speak their truth and cut the evil off where it lies before it’s able to continue on its path of destruction.

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