Praying Doesn’t Work. But Here’s Why it Seems Like it Does Sometimes.

Praying doesn't work, Your God is The Devil

You talk to yourself, so they call you insane.

Only, billions do the same;

yet they’ve given it a different name.

You aren’t crazy if you’re praying

if there are others holding your hands,

and saying the words you’re saying.

You’re sane if your God is participating.

Thee Phoenyx, The Kundalini Bite

Thoughts and Prayers in the Wind

There is no denying (not that they won’t try) that prayer does absolutely nothing for anyone. The only reason that people think praying works is because something by chance winds up happening that they wanted, which would have happened with or without the prayer. Those who believe all it takes is a prayer to change their lives join the other lost souls at the pews of churches on Sunday mornings. But praying doesn’t work, not in the sense that you’re going to be given what you asked for simply because you’ve thought it up.

Praying for Personal Gain of Things No God in the Universe Would Actually Care About

There’s nothing worse than football players and other athletes praying before games. Okay, there may be a lot of things that are worse, but it’s still pretty pathetic. As if, even if there were some omniscient deity residing in an alternate dimension that could hear them and change things upon doing so, he’d be wasting his time watching a bunch of hairless apes entertain themselves for sport rather than fixing everything they’ve destroyed on the planet they live on. But then, those are the types of people who would subscribe to the Satanic idea that they can simply ask their sky daddy for anything and they’ll deliver just because they’ve devoted themselves to him by investing in a cross and dressing up to hang out with the rest of the brainwashed masses at church each week. Praying doesn’t work and thinking that it does has buried the world in darkness for ages.

Have you not been training for this day? So, go do your best, and if you win, great, but it was because you put in the effort and the circumstances were right, not because Satan gifted you the win (and yes, that’s exactly who you’re praying to.) Never fret; there are plenty of beacons of light out there to lead the lost souls home again, still.

Satan is Not a Ground Troll Waiting to Swallow You Whole When You Get Laid to Rest

Satan is not an entity, at least, not any one specific one, but rather, it’s a collective lack of consciousness that drives a large portion of the world through greed and ignorance. It’s the hoards of people walking around, acting out of instinct and ego, being triggered by the agendas and actions of others, rather than thinking for themselves. Yet, since the devil’s tricked billions of people into believing “he’s” actually God, off to the pews they head every Sunday, which is why Satan loves megachurches.

If you really want to find “God,” he/she/they/it is everywhere. Get off of your knees and look inwards, or head out into nature and discover your link to the divine in the beauty of the world around you. Better yet, start looking for God in the people that are in your life – but stop allowing yourself to be governed by a bunch of human rules from a world that existed thousands of years ago and was much, much different than your own.