Church pews, Your God is The Devil

Only ‘The Devil’ Wants You Uselessly Down on Your Knees


Early Humans

When ancient religions were created, humans were dumb as shit. There was no running water, no type of order, no anything in the world, and everyone was looking for some type of meaning, same as today, but without all of the nice distractions that we now have to keep our minds off of the meaning of life.

No Planes, Trains, or Automobiles

Think about how difficult traveling still is for someone who doesn’t have much money. Even when you do have money, it can be a pain to pack it up and travel across the country or world. In those days, there weren’t many efficient forms of traveling internationally. No one knew about life outside of their own small worlds aside from the tales they heard from people who happened to come along.

No Media (or Social Media)

It makes sense that the people in those days would have believed that their ways were the only ways – they didn’t know about anyone or anything else, and they feared what they didn’t know in the same way people do today. Only today, there is no excuse to be so ignorant to believe that any one book or group of people holds favor by some deity. All of the knowledge is out there to be able to study all of the religions in existence and come to your own conclusion about God. And yet, billions of those who subscribe to Christianity, Islam, and Judaism worship the actual devil.

For those who really study the bible and life outside of themselves and their own families, it’s hard to imagine not being able to see that the image of this man modern Christians are worshiping is the antichrist they all fear so much. The image of “Jesus” as one man has led billions to fall to their knees and worship Satan – and most are so blinded by their mislead faith that they’ll never be able to see otherwise. But this is out there for those who have sought this information out, and are searching for the Living God.


Gnostics throughout the ages have known that the bible’s true power lay within its metaphors. The knowledge is found between the lines, and one must really study the word in addition to science and apply it practically to understand God. And everyone who has real faith in God, not Satan, knows that the power and love of the source are much bigger than any one person, book, or continent. But many Christians worship both the image of the Antichrist, Jesus, and continue to fall to their knees to bow to the devil.

Combining Faith With Wisdom

Those who have both wisdom and faith will eventually see the truth for themselves. God has been within them and all around them this whole time, rooting for them to get off of their knees and start using their voice and hands to create the paradise we know is possible. If billions of people didn’t worship this empty non-entity by dressing up, donating money, getting down on their knees, kissing the ground, and hanging crosses, instead of recognizing the God in everyone and everything, think of how much more we could have accomplished as a society by this point? How many deaths we could have prevented? How many women and children wouldn’t have been killed or abused?