Life is a Gift Just Like Herpes


Dear Mom: If Life is a Gift, Please Take it Back

The fact that the majority of humans look at life as though it’s something to be celebrated is sad and confusing. Humans teach their young that life is a gift, one that’s to be nurtured and passed on. But the only thing that gets passed down the line is several decades of existence that demand an enormous amount of mental and physical energy in a world that’s ruled by a handful of greedy assholes.

Life’s Silver Linings Don’t Make up for all of the Suffering

Sure, there are silver linings throughout said existence, but just because there are happy moments strewn throughout the bullshit doesn’t mean that this life is a gift. And yes, your mindset can certainly determine certain levels of that suffering, but even if you’re the happiest person on Earth, it still doesn’t mean you’re safe from physical harm, illness, and death.

Death Warrant

Every single person that comes into this world does so with a death sentence, given to them by the parents who supposedly love them most. Many of those parents didn’t realize what they were doing when they decided to create a soul, but now that information flows freely and is accessible by anyone who goes looking for it, there’s no excuse for things to continue in the way that they have been for so many years.

Why are you Still Breeding?

We’re in the information age. So, everyone may not have internet access, but enough people do that the scales should be tipping away from acting like clueless barbarians – which is exactly what the billions of people following ancient religions and humping like rabbits while convincing themselves this is some type of placeholder existence until they get to their REAL home is just ridiculous.  

No, Life is NOT a Gift

Look around. The earth is a beautiful and spectacular place that’s full of wonder. Humans had the potential to turn it into heaven but instead, what did they do? They brutally tortured and killed those who didn’t speak their language. They locked them in cages and took away their happiness. They took away their daylight and made them suffer endlessly. They snuffed them out and pretended like they were somehow better, giving themselves permission by writing each other books and calling them holy.

Just because billions of people continue to do something does not mean it’s the right thing to do.

Everyone that brings a soul into this world does so knowing damn well what that person is going up against. What rational human would look around this world and tell themselves, or anyone else, that life is a gift? And why would they choose to force existence upon an innocent being who’s blissfully floating around the void?

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