Jesus the Antichrist


The greatest lie the devil ever told was not convincing the world he doesn’t exist, but convincing them he’s God.

The All-Seeing Eye(s)

In every major religion, an omnipotent and omnipresent God is worshipped through the small worldview of a few ancient humans who didn’t even have running water or know about the planet they lived on – at all. But with the modern knowledge we have of the workings of science these days, it’s hard to see how more people haven’t realized that those types of abilities can only come through the eyeballs of every being on earth. But the image of this man, the antichrist, has led billions upon billions of people to their knees to worship the devil.

The Man Named Jesus

Modern Christians fill the pews of churches across the world by the billions to worship the image of a man that they believe to be “The Christ.” Except that Christ is not, and has not ever been, limited to inhabiting one earthly body at a time. And this man, or more accurately, the myth and image of this man has kept people in the dark for centuries.

“The Christ” = Christ Consciousness

Christ consciousness is a divine spark that can be accessed by anyone at any time. Unfortunately, since most people are busy following a set of rules set forth by a group of ancient, power-hungry men, they’re incapable of seeing the truth for themselves. While they’re so busy pointing fingers at random (modern) humans calling them the Antichrist when their beliefs don’t align with their own, they can’t even realize he’s been directing them their entire lives. They get on their knees for him every Sunday. Jesus is the Antichrist

The Ultimate Deception

The face of this man that rules this religion has convinced billions of people for thousands of years to worship Satan – exactly as the bible tells them he would. Christ was never only one person. There is no single human coming to save the planet and everyone on it. There is, however, a Christ consciousness that’s already been working its way through space and time to correct the mess that this lack of knowledge (darkness) has caused for ages.

This entire religion was created around an idol whose image is worshiped above the actual God, which comprises all. If you’re looking for someone to pinpoint as the antichrist you need look no further than the face plastered all over church walls across America.

There is no ONE Human Savior, and You Know it

Any man or woman who tells you that they alone are the savior of humanity is nothing but a false idol, either deliberately trying to deceive, or so wrapped up in their own delusions that they actually believe themselves to be the savior of mankind. No one person can deliver you from evil – no one but yourself, anyway.

Sure, Christ is everywhere. The Living God is everywhere, but it’s up to each individual who holds a spark to use it wisely and do their part to bring the world back out of the darkness and into the light.

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