Humans and Death: WTF?


The way modern society looks at life and death seems completely backward. Life is where all of the struggling and suffering occurs, and in death comes a perfect peace in non-existence. So, why do humans act like dying is the worst thing that can possibly happen to someone?

Humans and Death

Perhaps what’s even more confusing about the attitude the human holds towards their own demise is the way they treat non-human animals. Farming is the largest source of animal cruelty on the planet, but no one cares how other sentient beings feel, as long as they’ve got their chicken wings and milk. However, if a person dies, everyone loses their minds. So, why is it that people believe that their lives are so much more important than all of the other life on earth?

It isn’t because non-human animals are incapable of feeling the same types of physical sensations (including pain) and emotions, because they can. So, that tired, monkey-man argument is going right out of the window. Humans may not be able to understand the feelings of other sentient beings, but that most certainly does not mean they don’t exist, no matter how much people would like to convince themselves otherwise.


It makes sense that no one wants to lose someone that matters to them, but at the same time, everyone should really dig down deep to think about why that is. The death of a loved one or other important figure can flip their world upside down. Yet, that still only affects the living. And sure, it’s upsetting and it means having to learn to live without them, but in the case of the dead person – they’re completely at peace – because they no longer exist, and that means they no longer think or feel anything.

Hollywood has done a wonderful job convincing the world that the only thing that matters is a romantic partner to spend the rest of your miserable life with. You find that partner, breed some new souls into existence, and start the needless cycle of suffering all over again in an unfortunate new body. People think that by finding this life partner and having children, they won’t be alone, and they won’t die alone. But the truth is, we all die alone. There is no avoiding death, and there is no avoiding the fact that when you, as an individual, die, you do so by yourself, whether or not there’s anyone living there to hold your hand when it happens.


If someone wants to end their own life and other people actively work to prevent it, it’s pure evil. Forcing or coercing someone to remain in this plane of existence because it makes you feel better is wrong. Think about for a moment why it is you want them around; do all of the reasons not tie into your ego? Death only affects the living. Life is where suffering lies. If someone wants to end their life, they should be free to do so with zero interference from any other animal, human, or otherwise.


Humans and death: burial ceremonies are ridiculous

Another one of the strangest parts about humans and death is the ways the bodies are disposed of. The entire concept of traditional burials is absolutely ridiculous. There is no rational reason to put dead bodies in a $5,000 metal box and waste both the time and space burying it in such. A funeral can cost anywhere between $7,000-$13,000 or more. And for what? Once again, it’s a process of humans trying to immortalize themselves and their families, with their egos running wild, unable to handle the idea of being forgotten.

Egos and Advancements

One of the arguments I’ve heard for why humans feel so entitled to treating other animals as lesser-than is, “other animals haven’t invented space travel or medicine to treat deadly diseases.” Counter? Those things are only relevant to humans, and they are inaccessible to many of them anyway, kept reserved for the elite few who are able to pay for it – yes, including the treatment for these diseases. And, at what price tag have these things come with? Sure, we’ve invented some pretty cool stuff over the years, but look at everything else we’ve done, to the planet and all other life on it, including each other.

Death and Religion

And, of course, the way death is looked at is deeply tied into religious beliefs, whether or not modern humans realize it, in fact, some theorize that the fear of death is what helped pave the way for the world’s mainstream religions to take hold.

Plus, religion has an odd effect on people if they believe in an afterlife. Though, the entire idea of heaven and hell revolves around the existence of a soul, which has not been proven, even with all of the modern scientific and technological discoveries that have been made. And, since doctors are able to do some pretty amazing things within the human brain and body, it’s likely that if it did exist, it would have been discovered by this point. So, it’s only rational to assume that, when one dies, the functions of the brain that tell us what we think and feel stops, which means, no paradise or fiery pits of hell.

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You know who doesn’t have to even deal with death? Those who are lucky enough to never be born into this physical plane of existence. The non-existent never suffer, not for a single moment. So, why would anyone continue to bring children into this world?