How do You Live With Yourself Knowing Your Purchases are Funding Their Hell on Earth?


Hell on Earth: Needless Suffering and Dying

If everyone told each other the truth and really thought about their actions, I mean REALLY thought about their actions, the world would be a much better place. Hell, if everyone truly thought about their actions, perhaps the world as we know it, wouldn’t be around for much longer, because everyone would stop breeding if they thought about what they’re actually doing when they create a human life.

Antinatalism: Why TF Would You Breed?

This whole post won’t be about antinatalism, but of course, I have to touch on it because, well, it’s true. What two rational people would put their parts together end form a new life, if they broke down what that means, in the sense that, they’re forcing an existence that means decades upon decades of working to die, in a place that they themselves don’t even understand. They’re killing this being, but not before playing with them first. Dressing them up, oh nowadays it’s all about the pictures for Instagram, right? Let’s dress this little mini-me up, so cute. It’s so cute. Look, it’s in a sailor’s hat. It’s truly unfortunate that any animals breed, but humans seem to have the ability to develop rational thinking skills to stop themselves. Though they rarely choose to employ them.

Welcome to Hell

hell on earth for animals, your god is the devil

The masses just continuously hype themselves up about it all, too. Baby showers and birthdays are absolutely insane. Why are you celebrating something that A. you don’t even understand, and B. is going to fucking kill you and your children? When you celebrate life, and mother nature, you celebrate suffering and certain death.

Nine times out of ten, the person who’s celebrating life is only cheering on their own, and the lives of those around them, those they understand and relate to. Although, many times they don’t give two shits about the lives of those who are different than them; those who think differently, those who look differently, and certainly those who aren’t of the same species.

End Speciesism

Let’s talk about all of the people who still eat meat and consume dairy, and then call themselves “animal lovers” on Twitter. But you can’t love animals and support their horrendous torture and hell on earth at the same time. You just can’t. That would be called speciesism, loving fluffy and cute kittens and puppies, and turning a blind eye to the farming and torture of other animals.

Think About it

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “I just don’t think about it,” in reference to animal products. How can you not? I think you should be forced to think about it. You shouldn’t be able to buy a product without knowing how it came to those shelves. All of these commercials and cartons with cartoon images of happy cows are horrible. We all know what happens to the animals who end up in slaughterhouses, but even being a vegetarian and not eating meat, you’re still supporting the torture of these animals living in hell on earth if you purchase dairy products.

Complicit in the Abuse

These animals are repeatedly raped and impregnated, and then their babies are stolen from them and murdered for veal. Plus, all of these animals live miserable existences, trapped in enclosures so small and cramped that they can’t even turn around, can’t lay down. Have you ever been stuffed in a box for a few years straight? That’s what’s happening to these animals. Sentient beings who are very much aware of their suffering and mistreatment. And you justify it by saying what? You don’t want to think about it? You like the taste? You can’t afford not to support the horrendous torture of innocent beings?

I know firsthand what the homeless diet looks like, so let’s nix the can’t afford it excuse, and the taste thing is just pure evil. You like the taste of melting flesh and that makes it okay to stuff an animal, who’s smarter than your dog, into a tiny cage and make it live out its entire existence in a hell-like environment, created just because you like the taste? You should see all of the pictures of these animals being poked and prodded, the metal pushing into their skin, their sad eyes looking up in pain and confusion, saying, “what did I do to deserve this kind of treatment?”

complicit in hell on earth, covering his eyes

Open Your Eyes

If humans can’t be put in a certain situation themselves to be able to empathize with those who are in it, they should at least be reminded of those beings, and the hell-like environment they experience each and every moment of their entire lives – all without ever seeing the sun, or feeling grass underneath their feet. They should be forced to come face to face with what their actions have created. It is only because of the demand that the supply exists, and there shouldn’t be any of either. If everyone witnessed the horrors of what was going on to produce these products, would they still choose to support them? Turning a blind eye and choosing to be willfully ignorant is just as evil. How can you possibly be okay with knowing that your actions are responsible for funding hell on earth for non-human animals?

This world is full of bullshit. It starts when with the cycle of lying to your children when they’re young to give them false optimism about the world. Oh yeah, Santa’s coming, buddy. And hiding everything that’s real, and it continues with everyone growing up keeping their faces buried in the sandbox about life, lying to one another and feeding each other bullshit. Life in itself is horrible when you stop and think about it. Mother nature is a cruel bitch that kills literally everything she breeds. The world isn’t all sunshine and cotton candy. There are no god damn unicorns and we’re all fucking dying. All you’ve got are illusions and silver linings. How hard is it to see and admit the truth?

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