Family’s Role in Society: One of the Beast’s Greatest Weapons


The Beast

First, it’s important to note that when I say “The Beast” I am talking symbolically about a combination of things, which includes existence in itself. Mother Nature is a cruel bitch who chews up and spits out any and everything she encounters. And yet, humans still continue to convince themselves (and their children) that life is “a gift.” But, is it really? When you’re born into this world, what do you find? An aging, aching body, a debt to society that you never asked for, the responsibility of going to school, working, and paying to support your existence? Family’s role in society is to continue procreation, and, since that breeds suffering and death, why keep it going?

Creating Little Ones

But, if that weren’t enough, in many cultures it’s pounded into a child’s head from a young age that their only goal in life is to do the same exact thing – and then teach their children to do it, too. So, in the belly of the beast, family is the most important thing. It is, after all, what feeds it. From an antinatalist perspective, being born into this world is nothing to be thankful for, and it’s certainly nothing to throw onto another innocent non-being. Yet, the antinatalism community doesn’t have a ton of representation, yet, although with everything that’s happened thus far in 2020, birth rates have actually started to drop (yay!)

And, some of the information out there is just natalist garbage. Honestly. Just because you don’t like or understand something doesn’t mean it isn’t the truth. You can’t argue with the fact that not existing means less suffering than spending several decades on earth. So, why do you insist on creating new life to join you in this place?

What’s the Reason?

Is there a single rational, selfless reason to continue to breed innocent souls into this place? Or, is it just that; a primal instinct, and one that humans would then be admitting to being incapable of quieting. Which, if that’s the case, why do humans keep acting as though they’re not animals? Everyone wants to believe they’re better than other animals and still be able to keep acting like one at the same time? That doesn’t make any sense.

Yet, even without talking about bringing any more humans into the world, the family still causes all sorts of issues everywhere. Nepotism is the reason why so many things are screwed up since undeserving people get put into positions of power simply because mommy or daddy made a call. Then, they hide behind their family name and often abuse that power and get away with it.

The Money and the Power

I don’t believe in reproduction of any kind, at any time. But I especially can’t understand why anyone who lives a life full of struggling would wish it upon an innocent being by bringing a child into this world. In the cases of these powerful people, they could quite possibly be having children simply to keep all of their money and assets under control by their family, even after they’re dead and gone. Pure evil? Absolutely. And, in many cases, these are the “ruling elite” families that get pegged for being devil worshipers. Which they may be, just not in the way you’d expect. A lot of them probably go to church on Sundays and hang out with the rest of Satan’s fans.

You may be thinking, “well, at least those born into powerful families know they’ll always have a roof over their head and clothes on their back,” etc. But it also means that their parents created this mini-me who’s going to be groomed to take over the family business – whatever that may be. Which, I’m sure you can imagine, comes with difficulties of its own.

Blood Obligations

Another huge problem with the entire concept of the family is how so many people use it to guilt (or try and guilt) their family members into doing things for them, just because they’re family. Of course most people have been raised to believe that there’s nothing more important than blood ties, and that you must do whatever it takes to maintain those relationships, because they’ll be all you have for the rest of your life. But this often means creating extremely stressful situations for people who could just as easily not be living in that mess by saying “no,” and cutting those individuals out of their lives.

What’s the Problem?

So, why is it that so many people find themselves stuck in a negative situation, at the hands of a relative, and yet, refuse to walk away? Is it because they’ve essentially been brainwashed into believing that if they do, then they’re the bad guy? And, why do so many people just keep the cycle going, even though they themselves have had an extremely unhappy life? One answer to both of those questions is; family’s role in society. It’s been pounded into their heads that it’s just “the way things are.” If only more people could start to realize that it isn’t how it has to be.

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