It’s Time to End Speciesism: Just Because You Can’t Understand the Feelings of Another Species Doesn’t Mean They Don’t Exist


End Speciesism

Ah, speciesism; the cause of the continued exploitation and suffering of innocent, non-human animals at the hands of the two-legged type of animal who feel superior to them. Although, are you really? Is your life more important than that of any random cow or pig? Or fish? I’m sure you said yes, but then ask yourself this; to who? Sure, to you, and no doubt to any crotch spawn you’ve created (bad move, btw, why would you do that?) but, what about in the grand scheme of things? It’s time to end speciesism and all of the horrendous behavior that goes along with it.

You and Yours

Everything that’s important to you is only important to you, and potentially, the people who are connected to you if it affects them in some way. And, everything that’s important to humans is only useful to humans and pretty destructive to other forms of life, including both animal and plant. So, do you really think you deserve to feel so entitled to the earth and all other life on it?

Even if you happen to be a doctor that saves lives on a regular basis, guess what? First of all, you’re only prolonging the inevitable, anyway. Everyone dies, and 250+ children are born each and every minute, so you’re definitely replaceable. So why do you feel like your life is worth so much more than all other forms of life on this planet?

Pigs and Cows are Intelligent, Loyal Beings, Just Like Dogs

So, why is it that pigs and cows are bred into farming operations for dairy and meat, while dogs are treated like family? At least, with the exception of terrible individuals who do things like participate in dogfighting. Pigs are actually more intelligent than Fido, and cows are just as sweet and loving. And yet, speciesism, which is practiced by billions upon billions of humans everywhere, creates hell on earth for these poor creatures, and they are absolutely capable of having the negative emotions that allow them to experience it as such, whether or not your ego allows you to understand that.

But it seems as though humans just completely turn a blind eye to the welfare of other species, as long as it means they can afford to buy cheap meat from a grocery store. Since most people have grown up eating meat and believing that it’s necessary to eat a balanced diet, it’s just another one of those things that are drilled into some cultures. Except, it’s a myth that we need meat to survive. In fact, our bodies aren’t even truly designed for eating meat, so let’s not pretend that it’s a necessary evil when it’s just plain evil. It’s time to end speciesism and play the role of caretakers of the planet and all other life on it, rather than its destroyers. And that starts with valuing all sentient beings and treating them as innocent, loving creatures deserve to be treated. You can also do everything within your power to help put an end to the farming of live animals.

The top of the Food Chain

Since everyone is mostly only concerned with their own lives, they pay very little attention to what’s happening all around them. And, anything they’re told, they likely only gather from a few select sources, including perhaps different media streams and some social contacts.

Although, all of the mainstream news outlets and social media platforms are owned by billionaires who couldn’t give a shit less about you or your life. In fact, when you stop to think about it, damn near the entirety of the world is owned by these families. Which, is a large part of why the whole concept of the family is an evil and destructive idea. Only, humans continue to convince themselves and each other that family is the entire purpose of living. And most people just blindly accept it because that’s what everyone else does.

Here’s How You Can Help End Speciesism

I know I’ve torn into some sectors a lot in this post, but it’s only because this is a cause I’m truly passionate about, and I can’t stand to see sentient beings suffering. So, how can you help these animals and end their suffering once and for all? You may not think that you changing your shopping and eating habits would make a difference, but you’d be wrong. More and more people are making the choice to opt for a plant-based diet, and refusing to spend their money on companies that use animal products or products that have been tested on animals, etc.

You may also be under the impression that you need to spend a ridiculous amount of money to avoid buying animal-based products, but that’s not necessarily the case. There are plenty of affordable options, both for food and household products like soap and shampoo. Dove recently announced that they’ve completely banned animal testing – woohoo! And, here’s a great article about eating vegan on a budget.

Aside from not spending your money with companies who violate the lives of sentient beings and switching to a vegan diet, you can also help by signing and sharing every petition you come across on social media that has the potential to help save lives, no matter what species those lives may be.

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