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Gnosis: a knowledge of the divine that comes through a close, personal connection to it.

The Gnosis category on Your God is the Devil reveals some deeper, darker truths behind the world’s major religions.

Welcome to Opposite Land, Where Everything You’ve Been Led to Believe is Good is Actually Horrible. Here’s Why Everything You Know is a Lie.

Life is a Gift? Where’s the Returns Department? Let’s start with the elephant in the room, shall we? Life itself. In most cultures, people are coached to believe that life is something beautiful, and creating a new life is something noble, but is it really? What about forcing someone to endure decades upon decades of…

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Marriage and Amatonormativity are Evil AF

Societal Pressures and Norms If you think about it, the idea of romantic love and marriage rules most of the world. The nightmarish concept has kept people in unhappy couplings for centuries. And for what? Because amatonormativity, or the thought that everyone should be in a romantic relationship, is deeply ingrained in most cultures. Religion…

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