accidental devil worship

When the Prey Pray: Accidental Devil Worship in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam


Accidental Devil Worship

You know what they say about the road to hell and good intentions…

Typically when you see someone discussing “devil worship,” it’s some ultra-religious person that’s been offended by some image of a goat, or a celebrity with a hand over one eye on an album cover. They assume that these “Satanic elitists” are drinking baby blood in underground rooms, but they don’t need to. And, I’m not saying there aren’t some freaky people out there who probably do things like that, but that’s not what it means to worship the devil. It’s kind of baffling that over 3.5 billion people in the modern world have actually fallen prey to accidental devil worship.

How Can You Not Tell That The Insane God You Worship is The Damn Devil?

Aside from all of the obvious facts that atheists and other skeptics point out on a regular basis, like how the God in the bible “ordered” the murder of a countless number of people, yet it’s somehow justified, and/or the followers today just discount it as “the ways of the past.” Only, that’s the same God you’re worshiping now. You’re following this ancient book, and you’re following this evil, ancient “God” (which doesn’t actually exist in the way you think it does) right along with these stories.

Depravity and Child Molesters

Let us not forget that one of these mainstream religions is based around the musings of a man who married a prepubescent girl and tried to claim that it was sanctioned by his God, who happens to be the same God represented by the Catholic Church, an organization that repeatedly sees (and covers up) child sex abuse cases, and then allows these offenders to have contact with children again, based on the idea that, no matter how terrible you are, all you have to do is ask the sky (or a priest) for forgiveness and all will be forgiven. But that’s not the case, now is it?

The (Unnecessary and Unnerving) Chop Shop

The fact that billions of people are still cutting up their child’s genitals to appease a line in an ancient book in 2020 is absolutely ridiculous. Does it really seem normal to you that you have a stranger using sharp objects on your child’s private parts before they can even speak up for themselves? Well, I shouldn’t be surprised, I suppose. After all, you did choose to force a life sentence in this place on them before they could consent. Why not snip their penis, too? I’ll tell you why – because the shit is evil and you’re doing it because of a line in the Old Testament:

‘And God spoke to Abraham saying: … This is my covenant which you shall keep between me and you and thy seed after you — every male child among you shall be circumcised.’

(Genesis 17:10–14)

But does a 1% reduced risk of STIs justify the genital mutilation of a child? In fact, the risks of the operation may very well outweigh the supposed benefits. It sure seems like, just with religion in general, everyone just continues to mindlessly go along with this Satanic ritual, simply because a mass number of people have done so and have convinced them it’s just what you do. This dark cloud of ignorance still envelopes mainstream religion and continues to steer a large portion of modern society.

Faith and Evolution

It is possible to both have faith in divine energy and believe in science and evolution, despite the fact that atheists and theists seem to think it can only be one way or the other. I do believe in God, I just don’t believe that God existed at the point the universe was created – not as an intelligent being, anyway.

But – once humans were around to start to carry language, order began to develop out of the chaos. We knew very little about ourselves or the world when the first humans were formed, as there wasn’t this advanced intelligence pulling the strings – it was just us trying to figure everything out for ourselves. Which is exactly how the first ancient religions started to develop; in our minds, formed only from our thoughts/imagination and our limited life experience.

Follow the Leader

If you take a look around the world now, a good look, you’ll realize that most of the people leading things like churches aren’t perfect by any means – and look how long we’ve had to come to the point in consciousness that we’re at right now. So, when early humans were around, you can imagine that they weren’t the sharpest tools in the shed. Though, those who were able to evolve and teach themselves from the world and others, taught their families and friends what they knew, and thus it continued.

We don’t know for sure if the people who wrote the first “holy texts” had positive or negative intentions, but we know this; these people had none of the knowledge that we have now. Everything that theists think has been proven is simply generalized estimations about humankind and the world around us that have had thousands of years to actualize.

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Having Faith Verses Being Gullible

Now, with the amount of information we have available to us, there is no excuse for one to still have themselves trapped in accidental devil worship by an ancient book, written by people who didn’t even take showers since running water hadn’t yet been developed. We’ve evolved and spread out through the entire world and had thousands of years to compare knowledge and work together, rather than keep hiding in our little bubbles and pretending like any one group of people has the absolute truth of all existence.

It is possible to have faith in the divine and not be completely gullible, still practicing ancient rituals and spouting off quotes from someone who, if they were alive today, would likely just be someone who follows a church leader on Twitter.

Get off of Your Knees and on to Your Feet

The devil may not exist as an entity, but it certainly exists as this blanket of ignorance that has several billion people stuck in this insane cycle of devil worship, that’s for sure. And, thanks to all of those people, they’ve pretty much made it real. Just look at how many have suffered and died in the name of these ancient religions and their “God.” And yet, so many people just find it easier to do as they’re told, rather than seeking out a personal relationship with the divine. This is exactly why so many people in the world today have fallen prey to accidental devil worship.

Just think about how much further we could be as a society of empathetic, intelligent, and rational beings, if the billions of people who were on their knees, waiting for someone to save them, would save themselves by learning about things outside of their comfort zones instead, and then start working on the world around them. Quoting bible verses and telling people to talk to the sky isn’t saving anyone, in fact, it’s doing quite the opposite.

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