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Abortion Saves: to be Pro-Life is to be Pro-Suffering


Why Continue the Needless Cycle of Suffering?

While I agree to an extent with those who say that pro-lifers are really just pro-birthers, considering they fight for the idea of the child but then shun it once it’s entered into the physical world, I also think that even if they are pro-life, that means they’re pro-suffering. Abortion saves innocent souls from being born into a plane of existence that not only means certain death anyway but also several decades of suffering before.

The State of the World

There are nearly 100 million homeless children in the world, with 250,000 dying every single week due to starvation and disease. On any given day, there are around 420,000 children in the foster care system in the U.S, yet pro-lifers continue to fight for more unwanted children to be born into a life of pain and physical and emotional trauma.

Choices, Choices

I certainly don’t remember anything from before I was born. Hell, I don’t remember anything from before I was around four. Yet, pro-lifers argue that a yet-to-be-born fetus is capable of feeling the pain that comes along with being aborted before birth. Well, I don’t know about you, but if someone would’ve given me the option to be vacuumed right back into the void or be born into this world, I certainly would’ve chosen the first option, even if it meant feeling momentary pain. And, while I’ve been homeless in the past and certainly been through my fair share of trauma, I know that there are plenty of people out there who are suffering much worse fates, and those who are trapped in a nightmarish existence. Contrary to what this evil band of fools believes, abortion saves.

Pro-Lifers are Indeed Pro-Birthers

So, why do pro-lifers fight for the idea of a child, and yet the actual children who walk the earth are left to fend for themselves. Then, these children age out of foster care (if they don’t wind up-sold into sexual slavery or dead,) and have kids of their own and the cycle starts all over again. But, since most pro-lifers are the types of Christians that fall to their knees to worship the devil every Sunday, it’s no wonder they’d also be so ignorant about life and death.

Pro-Lifers are Pure Evil

Humans should know better than most animals to continue to reproduce and bring new souls into this world. But, in the case that someone has gotten pregnant, they should absolutely be able to terminate the innocent being before it fully develops a brain and is thrown into a nightmarish existence where people living privileged lives pretend that life is a gift. The “life’s a gift” pro-lifers are some of the evilest (ignorant, clueless and selfish) individuals on the face of the planet.

To demand that new souls continue to feed the beast simply to appease their egos is just ridiculous. And, they’re typically the same people who are forcing their own creations to attend a church where they blame someone else for said creation, even though they clearly made the choice and took the actions to create that life. Newsflash: getting creampied and giving birth isn’t holy, even if you wear a stupid piece of metal and a rock on your finger and tell yourself that it is. Yet, since most humans continue to brainwash each other right into oblivion, billions of people continue to convince themselves it is.

Pro-life = pro-suffering. Abortion saves.

Only in non-existence can one know true peace.