“All religion, my friend, is simply evolved out of fraud, fear, greed, imagination, and poetry.”
― Edgar Allan Poe

In Abrahamic religions, “God” is seen as a pre-existing, creator deity who formed the universe in an all-knowing capacity and continues to direct the world today. Yet, that “God” only seems to exist within the minds of the billions of people who follow Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. And, when you think about how much suffering those beliefs have been, and continue to be responsible for, you can see why I’ve dubbed these insane belief systems that still hold way too much of the world in darkness today as “the devil.”

You’d think that, given the fact Christians believe in eternal hellfire, they wouldn’t gamble so freely with the lives of others. Then, they find their children on earth, dying, in terrible situations, and they say, “WHY, GOD?” As if they hadn’t exercised their free will to bring them into that exact situation. They often cite the historical Biblical phrase ‘be fruitful and multiply,’ which is ironically found on the VERY FIRST page of The Bible and is about the creation of the universe. In the old testament, which Christians are so adamant about having nothing to do with when you then ask them well then, ‘What about slavery?’ ‘Why aren’t you also slaying your eldest child? etc., etc.’ It has absolutely nothing to do with Christians, nor does The Bible ever command or suggest Christians reproduce.

These religions create a dangerous cognitive dissonance that results in the human ego believing that they are the ‘chosen’ individuals on the planet and that the rest of life on it is here only to serve them. These beliefs are insane and lead to all types of suffering, and it’s time to eradicate them from the face of the earth.

Antinatalism is a philosophy that assigns a negative value to birth and is very much in line with the gnostic view of creation. There is an easy way to determine the side of good and evil in creating new humans with this question: can you name one unselfish reason to want to create a new human, or to perpetuate existence at all?

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